Love adds precious seen to the eyes

The heart that loves is always young and pretty

When I look at the keyboard I found u and I

Are always looking welcome to gather

Real is not considered as romance, candles light dinners

And walk to gather along along the beach

In fact true love based on respect, compromise

Care, support, help and trust each other

Some people may have say that

Find good people and leave bad 

But it should be that

find the best quality in people and ignore the bad in them

At least no one is perfect

Lord remind me what matters most on the  end is love

I carried in my heart, soul and mind that

The love I have shared 7n my throughout life 

“Amen”We should love every one every step in the life

Life without love dreaming is a life without meaning

Love happens at most once is just life

Love is many things none of them logic

If I know what love is it is because of my beloved


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