A real man and woman never hurts anyone heart

Be very careful when you make a woman/man cry

because God counts her/his tears

Man/Women under the heart to be protected and

Next to be also loved by heart

The most painful heart touching love is that

When the love left unsound

A love that can not be expressed

Affection left unknown that love with holds touching

And most painful thing about  unexpressed love

is that never fades away

I miss you  when something good happens

because your are the one  I want to share it

I miss you when someone troubling me

Because you are the one  that understands me so well

I miss you when I laugh and cry

Because I know that you are that 

Make happy laughter and make my tears disappear

I miss you too all the time 

But I miss you the most  when I lay  awake at night

And think of all the wonderful times that 

We spend each other for those where

Some of the most important popular best 

And most momorabl times of my life

Next in part (2)


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