Self care is never selfish act it is good stewardship

of the only gift I have

The gift I put on earth to offer to others

When you adopt the view point that there is nothing that exists that is not a part of you

That any judgement you make is  self judgement

That any criticism

you will wisely extend to yourself

An  unconditional love that will be the light  of the world

why should we worry about others think of us

Do we have more confident in

In their opinions than we do our own

To establish true self esteem 

we must concentrate on our successes

And forget about the failures and nigative in our lives

A healthy self love means we have no

Compulsion to justify to justify to ourselves

Or other authors why we take vacation

Why we sleep late who we buy new shoes

why we spoil ourselves from time to time

We feel comfortable doing things 

which add quality and beauty of life…..



Love you yourself as much as any body in entire universe

Deserve your love and affection

until you value yourself you won’t value your time

until you value your time

You will not do anything with it

A man can not be Successful and complete comfortable

Without his own approval

Never be bullied into silence

Never allowed yourself to be made a victim

Accept no one’s definition of your choice

And life  but define yourself

Love yourself first and every thing else falls into line

You really have to love  yourself to get any thing

Done in the world

Remember always that you not only have the right

To be an individual

You have no obligation to be one

If you could sense how improvement

You are to the lives of those you meet

How improvement you can be to people

You may never even dream of there is

Something of yourself that you leave at every

Meeting with another person

Low self esteem is like driving through

Life with your hands – break on

What lies behind us and what lies before us

Are tiny matters compared to what lies within us

When you recover  or discover something

That nourish your soul and

Brings joy

Care enough yourself to make room

For it in your life


Anyone can make you smile

Many people can make you cry with full of tears

in you’re looking beautiful eyes

But it takes care someone really 

special to make you smile with tears in 

your attractive eyes

He/She will wipe every tears

from their eyes  and

there will be no more death and sorrow or crying with pain

All these things gone forever

could anyone anyone imagine

how much this  would heart I heart

Think over it believe or not

Thanks too much


Love don’t cost a thing 

Except a lot of shading tears

A broken heart and 

Wasted years

I think you still love me

BUT we can not escape from the fact

So that I am not enough for you

I knew that was happen

I am not blaming you for falling in love

With others so

I am not angry either

I should be but I am not

but just I feel unbearable pain

I could imagine how much this would heart

But at least I was wrong

Why do we close our eyes when we pray

Cry kisses, dreams because

MOST beautiful things in life

Are not seen but felt only by the heart


The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets

The prettiest eyes cry the most tears

The kindest heart have felt the most pain

sadness depressed colours of black and white

The way they make the eyes Look and how  frozen her/his face looks

Your task is not to seek for love 

but merely to seek and find all the barriers

within yourself that you have built against it